Dennis Carney Award for the

'Most Improved' Player of the year

Introduced by Band President Dennis Carney, to honour those bandsmen who have been seen to have improved the most over the year.

Season Awarded To
2002/2003 David Barber
2003/2004 Jon Carter
2004/2005 Mark Wheeler
2005/2006 Andrew Carter
2006/2007 Brian Norton
2007/2008 Jonathan Huff
2008/2009 James Rogers
2009/2010 Holly Miller
2010/2011 Brian Norton Jr.
2011/2012 Kate Chaplin
2012/2013 Sarah Chaplin
2013/2014 Andrew Carter
2014/2015 Morgan Barber
2015/2016 Collette Barber
2016/2017 Matt Gibbons
2017/2018 Andy Ellis

Andy Ellis: Most Improved Player of the Year 2018